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September 2020

Safeguarding Slovenian strategic assets against unwanted foreign investors – Part 2

In one of the latest issues of Legal Buzz, we outlined the screening process for foreign direct investments, which requires investors to register their intended investment and obtain permission from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (hereinafter: MGRT). Below we outline some features of the foreign direct investment screening process that were revealed in practice. 

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Administrative dispute and the right to a main hearing

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia reaffirmed the opinion of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Court of Human Rights and emphasized the importance of holding the main hearing in proceedings before the Administrative Court. Main hearings (not just written examination of applications) are set to become standard practice before the Administrative Court.

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Air carriers "unruly passenger" compensation exemption

In one of the previous editions of Legal Buzz we presented the options available to air passengers in accordance with Regulation 261/2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event they are denied boarding, or their flights are cancelled or the subject of a long delay. Namely, the latter determines the right of passengers to adequate compensation of up to EUR 600.00 in the event of a flight delay, whereby the passenger is not entitled to compensation in the event of an extraordinary circumstances.

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