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January 2021

How to establish a limited liability company in Austria?

Many people are considering moving abroad to earn their living but do not know where to start or what options are open to them when establishing a company in a foreign country. This article provides general information on how to establish a limited liability company (hereinafter GmbH) in Austria which is, due to its proximity to Slovenia, and excellent business opportunities, a very popular destination in this regard.

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Is the Sunday shopping ban in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia?

In previous issues we have written that the legislator passed the Trade (Amendment) Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, 139/2020) determining that a trader may not open on Sundays and non-working days established by law. But is the ban even in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia?

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Proposal of amendment ZGD-1K (part two)

As presented in the previous issue, Parliament is set to adopt an amendment to the ZGD-1 (ZGD-1K) in the coming months. As announced, we bring you the main changes to be brought about under the amendment, triggered by the transposition of Directive (EU) 2017/828 into the Slovenian legal order.

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