Fabiani, Petrovič, Jeraj, Rejc attorneys-at-law Ltd. is a dynamic and continuously growing law firm offering a comprehensive range of legal and business services.

Extensive cross-border transaction experience

Since its establishment, the firm has been involved in a wide variety of commercial transactions, most of which in the international arena. In our work we have always collaborated with eminent local and foreign law firms, which has afforded us the opportunity to learn from leading experts with a wealth of legal and practical experience.

The firm's recruitment policy sees us regularly add to this acquired expertise and experience in the belief that this is the best means of investing in the development of our firm and the quality of our services. As we understand the importance of collaborating and sharing knowledge, we play an active part in international cooperation and professional associations, which allows us to assist our clients in their dealings with foreign companies and their operations in foreign countries.

People dedicated to a common goal

When recruiting, we do not simply look for professional excellence and work experience, but also place an emphasis on those who share our commitment to values and passion for work. We are fused by our dedication to a common goal – to provide our clients with sophisticated legal services tailored to their needs.

The majority of our clients are local and international companies, however, this is not to say that we do not cater for individuals, using our expertise and experience to counsel those who turn to us with a broad spectrum of everyday legal issues.

We invite you to learn more about us in person and by working with us to assure yourself that we meet all your expectations.
Our vision is simple. We want to forge long-term and meaning relationships with satisfied people. In doing so; both our clients' satisfaction and that of our colleagues play an equal role.

Quality services underpin long-term partnerships

We are convinced that people who enjoy their work and dedication can provide high-quality services to their clients. While high-quality services represent the basis of every good business relationship.

We believe in the importance of client satisfaction, not only in terms of the services we provide, but also their relationship with us. We strive to create open, cordial and longstanding relationships forged on professionalism and the desire to find innovative solutions that consider the interests of everyone involved.

Your success is our goal

Through our work we strive to demonstrate that our clients are important to us and we want to contribute to your progress and success to the best of our ability.

We want the same clients who trust us now to trust us in ten years' time. Our desire is to see you and your business go from strength to strength as a result of our partnership. In addition, we understand the importance of making a positive impact on the community at large and the business sector.

To be able to give good advice, we first have to get to know you

You and your needs take centre stage. We recognise that you have not approached us for a lesson in law, rather for advice to facilitate you making an important decision regarding your business or personal life. And advice is only good insofar as it puts your individual needs and circumstances to the fore.

Ascertaining your requirements and expectations is of paramount importance to us and key to rendering first class legal advice. Having a profound understanding of your requirements allows us to give you an ever more efficient and effective service and achieve the best possible outcome.

Commitment to tried and tested values and good practices

We have formed our own values and good practices to which we remain faithful in our work and which you can expect us to uphold: 
  • Personal integrity, loyalty, motivation, solidarity and a desire to continuously improve.
  • We cultivate long-term partnerships with our clients that are founded on mutual trust and respect.
  • We are responsive and demonstrate self-initiative.
  • We endeavour to always objectively present to our clients their situations and the advantages and disadvantages of making given decisions, as well as identify the solution that we feel is the most appropriate.
  • We believe in cooperation and the exchange of know-how, both within in the firm and in our relationships with clients.
  • We combine the expert knowledge that we possess with hands-on and experience of the sectors our clients operate in.
  • This culture underpins our approach and is integral to our success and that of our clients.

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