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These General Terms and Conditions refer to all users and all forms of use of the website, which is owned by Fabiani, Petrovič, Jeraj, Rejc attorneys-at-law Ltd. (hereinafter "Provider" or "FPJR"). The user or the visitor acknowledges that he/she has carefully read the below stated Terms and Conditions and that he/she fully agrees with them and accepts them.


Relevant Terms and Conditions are hereinafter referred to as Terms. The website, online activities and other online or digital services or applications of the Provider shall be hereinafter referred to as the Website or Online Services or simply Services. Users or visitors shall be hereinafter referred to as: the User.


The Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Users who access the Website of the Provider, either as logged in visitors or not. By accessing the Website of the Provider you agree with all herein stated restrictions and Terms and you are, as the User of or Visitor to the Website, clearly and comprehensively acquainted with the Terms of Use in advance. The Terms stipulate the terms of use of the Website, the Online portal and the Online application and all other online content of the Provider.


If you do not agree with the terms of use, the Provider advises against the use of the Website or participation in the online activities or services of the Provider and recommends that you do not use this Website or services and that you leave it.

In endeavouring to protect its services and users the Provider reserves the right to block or in any other way prevent delivery of any e-mail or other communication with the Website or to prevent users from violating the rights of other people (for example copyrights). The Provider may, with technology and other means it uses, prevent the use of services or interrupt them.


The Provider reserves the right to change or update the content of the Website, Online applications and content at any time, in any manner and without reason or without stating the reason and without prior notification. The Provider shall not be liable for any consequences of such changes.

About the Website

Information on the Website, in Online applications and the Content are solely for information, including the newsletter Legal BUZZ, and shall yield no legal consequences and no obligations or rights may arise pursuant to such information, nor may they be used in a proceeding for exercising or proving of possible rights or claims, unless expressly stipulated. The Provider endeavours to ensure that data published on its Website is accurate and current. The Provider shall not be liable for shortcomings in terms of language or context, accuracy of information, technical or other errors or for inadequate updating of the data or content on the Website.


The use of the Website and Online applications is at one's own risk. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage arising from the existence of, access to, use of and/or inability to use the Website and Online applications and/or content and/or information associated therewith. The Provider shall bear no responsibility regarding the uninterrupted operation of the Website and Online applications. The Provider shall not be responsible for the form and content of data acquired through links not owned by the Provider, it shall also not be liable for the respect of privacy at the stated links. The Website or Portals and Applications may also contain links to other websites. When clicking on links to other third party websites the User must be aware that these websites have their own terms and conditions and policies regarding data privacy protection. Prior to use of these websites the User shall check their terms and conditions and their data privacy policy. The Provider shall not be liable for the websites of third parties.

About copyrights

The Provider is the holder of all material and moral copyrights over copyrighted content in the widest possible sense (content, texts, photographs, graphic elements, illustrations or other text presentations, videos, music etc.) published on the Website or in Online applications. Partners or contractual co-workers of the Provider may also be the owners of content or such content is marked and the appropriate source and author is stated. It is permitted to browse the content published by the Provider. In accordance with the legislation governing copyright and other related rights and intellectual property, copyrighted works are protected with their creation and do not have to be marked separately. Unauthorised persons are prohibited from carrying out further reproduction, distribution, alteration, public performance and transmission and other forms of use of copyrighted work, as well as use of data or content without prior knowledge, permission or approval. The Provider shall not be liable for possible further disposal of the content by third parties with which the User is acquainted and agrees.


In case of any permitted use of the content published by the Provider, all copyright and industrial right designations and other notifications and warnings shall be preserved. The owner of signs and trademarks on the Website is the Provider or a third party. Any use of such trademarks is hereby expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the right holder. All signs, including signs not registered as trademarks, are protected in accordance with the copyright legislation.


It is permitted to quote content or data, however a link to the FPJR Website shall be made in such cases. Links may not be published on Websites with illegal or immoral content. The owner and/or administrator of the website on which the link is published shall be obligated to remove the link at the request of FPJR.

Unsolicited sending of ideas

The Provider or its employees shall not accept or shall deem as unsolicited or not ordered all ideas, including ideas for new services or activities, procedures, material or names of new services. The Provider asks that users do not send unsolicited ideas, presentations and other works. The purpose of these rules is to avoid possible misunderstandings or disputes when the services or activities of the Provider may seem similar to ideas sent to the Provider. Therefore the Provider asks that Users do not send unsolicited ideas and materials to the Provider or anyone associated with the Provider. If you send your ideas and materials to the Provider despite this request, the Provider does not assure that the ideas or materials shall be treated as confidential or as the property of the User.


The Provider does not guarantee that the Website or its pages (including all their content) will be available at all times, nor that the use of the Website be safe and uninterrupted. The Provider shall also not be liable for network and telephone connections, including coverage or interruption on the line, as well as for any damage arising from the use of the Website, such as lost data, loss of programmes, costs of the connection or for any other similar damage.

Safety and third parties

The Provider has set up technology and rules for the protection of users’ privacy from unauthorised access and inadmissible use. The Provider shall update measures in accordance with the development of the technology.

Advice to Users

We advise Users to use the Website in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and instructions of the route provider. Users must be aware that, despite care and supervision, misuse of the Website by third parties is possible, for which the Provider shall not be liable.

Amendment and violation of Terms

Terms are prepared based on each applicable legislation.


The Provider may update these Terms from time to time pursuant to changes in services and activities and based on user feedback. When the Provider does so, it shall also amend the date of last update at the end of the Terms. The Provider reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification, while the amendment shall enter into force upon being published.


The Provider recommends that Users regularly review these Terms, so as to be always informed of the terms and conditions of use.


The Provider reserves the right to disable Users who violate the General Terms and Conditions from accessing the Content and the Website. If any damage is incurred to the Provider or the operator due to the conduct of a User, said User shall bear full moral, material and criminal liability.

 Please report possible violations to the use of the Website by other Users at or the address of the company.

Contact with the Provider

Questions, comments and complaints that are in any way associated with the Website or the Content may be addressed to the Provider via e-mail to or at Fabiani, Petrovič, Jeraj, Rejc attorneys-at-law Ltd., Bleiweisova cesta 30, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.


Users may contact the Provider for anything regarding these Terms or their experience when using the Website of the Provider at the e-mail address

Possible disputes and applicable law

In case of any disputes between the Provider and a User due to use of the Website or News, the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia shall be solely used and the competent court shall be the court in Ljubljana.


Terms shall be used from the day of their adoption or until a possible amendment.

The terms were last updated May 2018.


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