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June 2020

Safeguarding Slovenian Strategic Assets Against Unwanted Foreign Investors

On 30 May 2020, the National Assembly adopted the third package of COVID-19 measures. Chapter 11 of the Act (ZIUOOPE), which provides for the screening of foreign direct investments, has come under intense scrutiny.

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What are the Consequences of the Sanctions Imposed by the Labour Inspectorate on Employers?

Due to relatively low fines employers often assess that a violation is "worthwhile", ignoring the fact that a sanction in minor offence proceedings can have far-reaching consequences for their business (e.g. with regard to the employment of foreigners, public tenders, etc.).

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Conduct of Contracting Authorities in Case of Non-Compliance with Subcontracting Conditions

In public procurement procedures, tenderers often have questions related to references provided to them by subcontractors. In light of the decision issued by the National Review Commission for Reviewing Public Procurement Award Procedures, which garnered widespread media attention, contracting authorities will now have to call on tenderers to change subcontractors if the latter do not meet the tender criteria or there are grounds for exclusion.

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