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November 2018

Not to be overlooked - ZPIZ and ZZZS recourse rights

Cases in which ZPIZ and/or ZZZS launch recourse claims against employers because of workplace employee injuries or occupational diseases are on the rise. Such recourse claims are generally not covered by general insurance against civil liability.

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Information Commissioner publishes new guidelines on the contractual processing of personal data

The new guidelines set out and explain the mandatory components of personal data processing agreements that controllers must conclude with processors.

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Broad interpretation of prohibition on presenting documents containing settlement offers in civil proceedings

Case law, including the rulings handed down by the Supreme Court, interpret the prohibition on presenting documents containing settlement offers broadly, which provides extra incentive to settle disputes amicably.

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Collective agreement for Slovenia's trade sector extended

Having adopted a new KPDTS in July 2018, the Ministry for Labor, Family, Social Matters and Equal Opportunities issued a decision on 9 October 2018, declaring that, for certain business activities, the term of the KPDTS had been extended. 

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