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November 2022

Is it the end of the line for billboard advertising?

For years, excessive advertising has significantly impacted the landscape of Slovenian cities and rural areas. The new Spatial Planning Act introduces restrictions on advertising aimed at regulating this issue. Here is an overview of these restrictions, where advertising will be allowed from 2024 onwards, and when these restrictions will become applicable.
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Thinking of agreeing to mediation but worried that your claim might become time-barred?

In practice, parties increasingly turn to alternative dispute resolution forms to avoid lengthy court proceedings. Mediation is one of them. However, it is not uncommon for parties to opt for court proceedings rather than mediation for fear of time-barring. Whether this fear is justified, see below.
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The Court of Justice of the EU adopts a broad interpretation of the concept of special categories of personal data

According to the interpretation of the CJEU, the protection of special categories of personal data also applies in the case of mere indication of personal data. Personal data controllers will have to review their processing activities and ensure that the processing is lawful in light of the new interpretation of the concept of special categories of personal data.
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