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July 2018

Dear Readers,

Let our July issue of the Legal BUZZ serve as light reading of sorts during your summer holiday. Our editorial team is taking a short break but we will be back with more intriguing legal and tax news in September.

We hope you find it an enjoyable and educational read and that you enjoy the beautiful summer days ahead. 

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Supreme Court annuls judgment on Swiss franc-denominated loans

The Supreme Court ruled that the conclusion of loans in Swiss francs was not illegal, that the basis of the transaction was not inadmissible and that it cannot be considered as usurious business.

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Facebook and Administrators of Fan Pages considered as Joint Personal Data Controllers

Facebook and administrators of fan pages on Facebook (or another social network) are considered as joint personal data controllers and must therefore respect the provision of Article 26 of the GDPR. 

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New Protection of Whistleblowers at EU Level

After several scandals (Cambridge Analytica, Dieselgate, etc.), where whistleblowers played a key role in lifting the lid on wrongdoings and illegal practices, the European Commission is pursuing a proposal to protect whistleblowers at EU level to further safeguard their status whilst also ensuring a more efficient functioning of the single market.

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Welcoming Summer with Increased Obligations for Tour Operators

The Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act, in force as of 1 July 2018, sees amendments regarding the organisation and sale of package holidays, and increased obligations for tour operators

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Constitutional Court annuls Judicial Fees Act in part

The Constitutional Court has annulled the provision of the Court Fees Act which determines the amount of court fees where the value of a case amounts to EUR 500,000 or more. 

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