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June 2021

European Super League and matters of competition law

No sooner had the European Super League been announced than most clubs withdrew from the new league following sharp criticism levelled by UEFA (United Europe Football Association) against the league's founding members and the three clubs which still insist on the new format going ahead. With plans for new league now in limbo, questions remain around the legality of establishing or banning the Super League. 
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Soaring construction materials – how do they impact already agreed fees?

Prices of building materials have been rising sharply since the beginning of the year. Due to a slowdown in the manufacture of polymers and steel and the rise in the prices of petroleum products, the price of plastic and metal building materials have drastically increased. How do these price hikes affect already concluded construction agreements, who picks up the tab and what options are open to contractors and clients in this regard? 

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Be Warned: e-mail address registration is now mandatory for companies

In accordance with Article 47 of ZGD-1, first-time applications for company registration must include an e-mail address for the company, but beware, already registered companies must also comply with this obligation. 

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