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June 2019

Dear Readers,

Let our June issue of the Legal BUZZ serve as light reading of sorts during your summer holiday. Our editorial team is taking a short break but we will be back with more intriguing legal and tax news in September.

We hope you find it an enjoyable and educational read and that you enjoy the beautiful summer days ahead.

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Are foreign nationals the solution to increased workload and personnel shortages?

To cope with growing shortages of qualified personnel employers often employ foreign nationals, especially those from countries that made up the former Yugoslavia. Since this area was recently subject to several changes, we hereby summarize key information for employers

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Free flow of non-personal data in the EU

A Regulation removing obstacles to the free flow of non-personal data in the EU enters into force.

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Amendment to the Real Property Mass Valuation Act (ZMVN-1)

The amendment has postponed the mass valuations to the spring of 2020, which could drastically alter current real estate valuations.

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Sweeping reform of the register of non-possessory security interests and seized goods

The register of non-possessory security interests and seized goods is open to public inspection; a sweeping reform of the register is also in the pipeline – one that would further simplify searches and speed up entries in the primary register.

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What rights do consumers have when shopping online?

Today, online shopping has become a common (daily) task for many people, which often results in various complications/frustrations due to the specific nature of the shopping experience. Therefore, it is good a thing to know your rights as consumers and regularly keep an eye on changes in this area.

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