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March 2021

Foreign entrepreneurs to have their documents in order

In previous editions of Legal Buzz we have already looked at the amended ZGD-1K and the changes it made to the Slovenian legal order. In this Article we provide you with a brief overview of several additional conditions that this amendment imposes on foreign nationals wishing to establish a company in Slovenia or acquire a shareholding in a Slovenian company.
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What does the Real Estate Cadaster Bill bring to the table?

At the beginning of the year, the government introduced into the National Assembly a Real Estate Cadaster Bill, which is supposed to replace current Real Estate Records Act. We have prepared a summary of the key changes below based on the current version of the Bill (which remains subject to change).
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Online auctions: advantages and how to bid?

In February 2021, online court auctions in enforcement proceedings became possible, eliminating the need for attendance in person. We briefly explain what advantages this new regulation brings and how you can participate in an online auction.
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Calling All Property Owners: Check if you are registered in the land register under your personal identification number (EMŠO)

The Real Estate Cadaster Bill (Bill) is currently at second reading before the National Assembly. The Bill, which is set to have numerous consequences for members of the public, concerns the duty to enter all required data in the land register.
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