The operations of all companies are based on the information and data that is obtained by the employees, contractual partners and clients. Corporate entities manage a series of sensitive information (information regarding employment relationships and health care, financial information, trade secrets), the use and storage of which is governed by various regulations. These types of data undoubtedly also include personal data, the protection of which is already enshrined in the Constitution. However, personal database controllers are required to also comply with the strict provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and other sectoral acts and the EU regulatory framework.

Employing our knowledge of the legislation and best practices relating to the protection of (personal) data, we assist clients in the setting up and implementing mechanisms that satisfy the statutory regulations and at the same time prevent abuse of the acquired information by unauthorized persons. Clients are guided through procedures that create internal policies dedicated to the protection of the personal integrity of individuals and the reputation of legal entities that they come in contact with. In addition, clients are provided with advice for resolving complex regulatory issues relating to data processing.

In terms of the protection of (personal) data we offer our clients the following:

  • consultancy regarding the processing and protection of personal data;
  • the drafting of in-house personal data protection documentation and rules, as well as consent forms for the processing of individuals' data;
  • registration and changing the entries of personal databases at the Information Commissioner;
  • consultancy regarding the contractual processing of personal data and drafting of data processing agreements;
  • consultancy regarding the cross-border transfer of personal data into the EU or a third country and representation before the Information Commissioner;
  • representation in administrative and court proceedings connected with the protection of personal data with an emphasis placed on prevention;
  • consultancy regarding special sectoral arrangements (cookies on websites, protection of personal data in employment relationships, direct marketing, video surveillance, etc.).