Energy is another area in which we boast extensive expert references as we have kept abreast of the energy industry since its liberalisation, which in turn saw contractual relationships in the energy market, particularly electricity and natural gas markets, become even more complex.


Through many years of working together with domestic and foreign energy companies we have obtained invaluable experience and knowledge, gaining significant insight into the energy and stock markets and their products. This enables us to effectively represent clients in this sector, even in the most complex contractual relationships. On the topic of specifics, in the electrical energy and natural gas industries, system operators play a key role by carrying out the physical supply of energy products. Due to their specific role they also have entirely specific contractual relationships. We offer in-depth experience also in the infrastructure sector, including renewable resources (hydroelectric power plants, solar power plants, etc.).


As we are versed in the intricacies of the energy sector as well as the domestic and foreign legislation that regulates it, including environmental law, we can offer comprehensive and expert advice. We also have the advantage of having experience in managing infrastructure projects. We can help you to find answers to issues regarding the arrangement of relationships between suppliers and users or buyers of energy products, the field of energy investments including energy efficiency measures and measures to generate savings and obtaining Eco fund grants. We are also able to represent our clients in court, particularly in the event of disputes between suppliers and users or buyers of energy products, where knowing the specifics of this field, which is based on concrete experience, is crucial to successfully handling a dispute.

Energy law services:

  • drafting power purchase and energy product agreements
  • handling contractual relationships within the energy industry
  • managing investment (infrastructure) projects in the energy industry
  • diligent environmental safety inspections.