Most companies at some point face challenges in the success and stability of their company’s operations. Either you or your business partners could be the ones to face such a challenge. Reasons for temporary or more permanent insolvency can vary greatly, such as the loss of key clients, increase of operating costs or labour costs, more stringent payment conditions, loss of financing or debt recovery issues. In cases like these, the key is to promptly identify constructive solutions that will enable your company to resolve its problems by applying the relevant legal options governed by the regulations.


Acting quickly is furthermore important to ensure that the company’s business partners do not lose faith in the company nor miss the chance to repay their claims. As consultants we have been able to aid a variety of companies that were faced with this situation. We have conducted numerous company restructurings, advised clients in compulsory composition proceedings, helped investors purchase going concerns from bankruptcy estates and assisted them in negotiations with debtors and/or creditors. We also represent clients in court disputes against debtors as well as personally liable managers and owners who have tried to evade their statutory duties.


For many clients, problems in a company can also represent an opportunity to acquire a going concern or assets under favourable conditions. In all the aforementioned proceedings it is vital that you receive prompt, professional and useful information, and we are convinced that we are the ones who can provide it. 

Insolvency law and restructuring services:

  • consultancy in connection with voluntary restructuring and liquidation procedures
  • representing creditors in Slovenian and cross-border insolvency proceedings against insolvent debtors
  • financial restructuring contracts and consulting
  • assistance with the preparation of recapitalisation documents
  • assistance with creditor and/or debtor negotiations
  • consultancy in purchasing assets from insolvent owners
  • consultancy and representation in selling and purchasing bad debts, including the corresponding security instruments
  • representation in litigation procedures in connection with the insolvency proceedings
  • challenging the legal actions of debtors and enforcing claims for compensation against the responsible persons