Intellectual property law is surely one of the most important areas in the 21st century economy. In today’s times of global economic development, leading companies are facing challenges of protecting computer software and web applications, protecting trademarks and copyrights.


Thanks to our many years of partnership with collective organisations and numerous companies from various sectors, including some of the largest IT service providers and publishers, we are in a position to monitor daily developments in the regulations and practice in this field. As the Slovenian legal system does not allow for the patenting of computer programs, we place special emphasis on the protection of copyrights and trade secrets (also known as NDA agreements) and the suitable licensing of computer software and, in the case of web applications, suitable general terms and conditions for their use.


We realise that if a trademark is not suitably protected, it can easily be misused. For this reason we, as OHIM professional representatives before both the Office for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Office for Intellectual Property, we can monitor the registration of new trademarks and the potential misuse of protected trademarks. We can represent you in trademark registration procedures and filing objections against trademark registrations that infringe on your rights.

Intellectual property and IT law services:

  • registering trademarks and models
  • filing objections against registering trademarks and models
  • monitoring (tracking) trademarks and models
  • licensing agreements, agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights
  • copyright agreements
  • copyright management strategies
  • protection against the unauthorized use of intellectual property
  • general terms and conditions for websites