Fraud is wilful conduct by individuals that results in damage to another party, most often for the personal gain of the perpetrators. The investigation of fraud is a selection of specific processes geared towards the objective of identifying the perpetrator, their fraudulent act, the scope of the implications of their actions, the repair of damage, initiation of the relevant proceedings against the perpetrator and the establishment of preventive processes in order to mitigate the risk of recidivism. Fraudulent acts occur practically in all areas where individuals and legal entities are involved.

With regard to the investigation of fraud, we provide services to clients attracting assistance from certified fraud experts (CFE), professionals from specific legal areas and other professionals from areas such as accountancy, IT-forensics, auditing. This enables us to provide the highest level of support in investigating any suspected form of economic crime, tax, accounting, financial irregularities, fraud (scams), bribery, corruption, and also prohibited practices in the area of competition law (e.g. cartels and price fixing).

We offer clients the following services:

  • conduct of internal corporate investigations;
  • representation of injured parties in prosecution proceedings;
  • enforcement of claims for damages and other claims on the findings of the investigations;
  • rafting of general bylaws to mitigate the risk of fraud (compliance) and training;
  • crisis management.