Labour law is a field of law that people come into contact with almost on a daily basis, either in the role of employee or employer. Labour law is closely linked with both commercial law and personal data protection law. Our customers are companies of all sizes, as well as public organisations. With our experience and expertise we are able to offer employers support to their HR and legal departments, as well as assist in conflict prevention and the protection of the rights of clients. We also represent the interests of employees in labour disputes.


We offer our clients a wide range of services that encompass the drafting all types of documents in connection with employment (employment contracts, termination of employment contracts), preparing internal documents for employers, formulating internal policies and procedures for companies to streamline human resources, implementing staff reorganisations, conducting negotiations with employee representatives (either trade unions or workers' councils) and the preparation of collective agreements and, ultimately, to represent clients in the event of (judicial) disputes, both in mediation and in court proceedings.


We also regularly notify our clients of changes in legislation and legal solutions that could assist them in the running of their company.

Labour law services:

  • preparing internal company documents (rules and regulations, employer decisions, etc.)
  • preparing and conducting staff restructuring procedures and proceedings for the termination of employment contracts
  • consultancy in procedures regarding the conclusion, amendment and termination of collective agreements, as well as negotiations with employees or employers representatives
  • preparing employment contracts for ordinary, leading and managing employees, as well as advising clients in the process of concluding contracts,
  • consultancy and representing clients in disciplinary proceedings and in proceedings for the termination of employment relationships
  • representing clients in labour and social welfare disputes
  • consulting on personal data protection
  • conducting the proceedings for employing foreign nationals and referring employees to work abroad.