The State and municipalities are increasingly deciding to collaborate with the private sector in implementing infrastructure projects, as this ensures the financial burden and responsibility are shared equally, as is also the risk for the successful implementation of such projects. As is the norm in these cases, parties decide on long-term partnerships, so it is vital that all relationships between the parties are defined clearly and in a way that both contractual parties understand their rights and responsibilities within the scope of the project. If you are contemplating about this type of investment or collaboration, we will gladly assist and advise you on the best types and model for the implementation of your project. We will guide you through all the necessary procedures and prepare decisions and legal instruments required for the model of public-private partnership of your choice.

The other form of collaboration between the public and private sector constitute public contracts. These contracts require a substantial amount of administrative work to be performed by the companies who do business with the state, municipalities and other indirect state budget beneficiaries. Public contracts require consistent handling by all the participants in the process, in accordance with the rules governing public procurement. We have worked as legal consultants for both providers and contracting authorities in all phases of public procurement, public contract audits and on the preparation of legal instruments that regulate the relationships between contracting authority and provider. Complex legal issues connected to this specific sector are typical for contracts of all sizes, large or small. We have an abundance of practical experience working on all types of cases.

Public-private partnerships and public contract services:

  • drafting opinions, decisions and legal instruments for the chosen model of public-private partnership
  • concessional relationships
  • public contract relationships
  • managing selective public procurement procedures
  • establishing institutional or equity partnerships
  • forming opinions on the suitability of a public-private partnership project
  • finding promotors
  • public-private partnership project feasibility assessments
  • consulting in the private partner selection phase
  • tender documentation compliance services
  • preparing consortium and subcontractor contracts
  • consulting in legal protection proceedings regarding public procurement (both at the level of the contracting authority and the Slovenian National Review Commission)